Bosland & Remmelzwaal Sound And Visuals

A cooperation between Dutch artists Nelleke Bosland and Floor Remmelzwaal, 

Our work develops from investigations into mathematical reductions of sound and visuals. Rhythmic, geometric repetitions  of organised sound gyrating through stripes and flares are randomised into coinciding patterns. Not knowing what to watch for, the mind is feverishly inclined to search for asserting structures and meaning that isn’t there. The work exploits the tension between the swinging oscillations and modulations with the illusions of space and distorted perspectives.

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Nelleke Bosland 

Using sticky tape and moving light projections, Nelleke Bosland transforms existing architecture into alienating worlds. What is in front, what is in the background, what is above, what is below? Brightly coloured lines and shadows dance and tumble rhythmically through each other, reflecting surfaces create confusing repetitions. In this way the location interweaves with the projection, the tape creates unexpected spatial connections and at the same time weaves everything into a single whole. Presented in self-constructed demarcated spaces, an abstract, brightly coloured world unfolds to the fullest and light projection and tape merge into a tangible reality that is almost indistinguishable from a computer designed virtual reality.

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CV Floor Remmelzwaal aka Beatmeisterin

Floor Remmelzwaal is a composer and instrument maker. She solders her own synthesizers and combines these with pre-built analog and digital sound boxes, effect pedals, computers and sensors. She is searching the ether for sounds that do not emit from resonance in the physical universe. It is giving electronic instruments a voice and a dialogue. The music is subsumed to organised sound; free from cultural constructs such as story, melody, harmony or emotions. The listener is therefore totally free to individually experience the music. Droning oscillations, banshee wailing and crushed noise transports the individual to wherever they are taken.

Beatmeisterin seeks to empower her synthesisers to interact and react spontaneously to light, art, movement, each other, the audience, and the ambient surroundings. In this way she becomes a conductor instead of instrumentalist.